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Welcome to Alpha Zeta


A Chapter of Tri-Ess International

An international social and support group for heterosexual crossdressers, their partners, the spouses of married crossdressers and their families.



 We are very happy that you have found us, and we hope that you can find what you need with Alpha Zeta


  Alpha Zeta is a chapter of Tri-Ess (the Society for the Second Self) that serves the central Phoenix area. We have been providing, support and education for dual-gendered cross-dressers, their spouses, families and significant others (SO's) for over 30 years. We strive to provide an outlet for the expression of our Second Selves that is secure and nurturing.

 Education is an important part of the mission of Alpha Zeta. We provide information on all phases of this life style; where to shop in safety, make-up assistance, information sources for the latest medical and psychological findings as they relate to possible causes of the dual-gendered phenomenon.  In addition to these we provide help in developing a feminine presentation that suits you, your personality, body type and comfort level. Education for our members is not the only focus of our efforts.

 Occasional outings to friendly businesses and their venues such as restaurants and clubs are an important part of the activities we enjoy. These are all arranged with the comfort level of our members in mind. We have experienced members who are available to speak to college and university classes. Social and church groups as well as businesses and business organizations who wish to avail themselves of our willingness to share our knowledge and experience can contact us at any time to arrange for speakers. Go to the "Contact Us" page for contact information if you would like to get in touch with us for more information or to arrange for a presentation.

Since you have found your way to our web site you are undoubtedly  in search of information about us and what you have read above is brief and has left you with possibly more questions than you had. For security purposes the next step in your journey is an e-mail to Alpha Zeta letting us know of your interest. It helps if you include in this first e-mail some information about yourself, how long you've been expressing your Second Self, who in  your family knows, if anyone does know. Most important is your contact information and the conditions you require for contacting you such as, method; phone, e-mail, etc., time of day, who to ask for if it is to be a phone contact. At the time of the contact we will arrange for a face-to-face meeting before you are invited to one of our meetings.

We are sure you will appreciate the fact that we employ these security measures to insure the safety and  privacy of potential members as well as existing members. Once you are invited to a meeting you may attend up to 3 meetings before a membership requirement is necessary. (For more specifics go to "Contact Us")

 So ... you now have the basic information. The next step is up to you. If you choose to contact us we will do our utmost to provide the information and opportunity you are seeking.


cindy 5/8/12