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What we are

  Alpha Zeta is a support group for the heterosexual crossdresser and their significant others (wives, girlfriends, or other support people). We are based in Phoenix adn are a part of a national sorority with chapters in many other cities Our purpose is to give support and understanding to the needs of the heterosexual crossdresser. We hold meetings once a month, usually on the 4th Saturday for the purpose of exchanging information or just plain socializing. these meetings are held in "safe" places such as members private homes or local accepting restaurants.  Dressing "en Femme" for these for these meetings is purely optional and you will not be pressured either way. Wear whatever you feel is comfortable, but please use discretion proper discretion.

  Security and trust are of paramount importance to us. Some members use post office boxes and femme names for purposes of mailing and identification. Members names and addresses are not available outside of the the officers of Tri-Ess and personal information in not given to any other organization Your identity remains wholly within the sorority.

 What we are not

  We are not a dating service. We are not counselors. If you want counseling information, we know of several excellent gender counselors that we can refer you to.

  We are not connected with any church, political, or professional organization. We are not a sexually oriented group. Any kind of sexual activity is unacceptable at our meetings.

What you can expect from us

When you join, you can expect to meet a group of People who are just like yourself. You will learn that you are not alone. You can expect to receive support and understanding in a non-judgemental atmosphere. You can expect to receive help help in buying clothing, cosmetics, and other items and assistance in using them.


Requirements for membership

1. You must be a member of Tri-Ess. This is our parent organization and is open to all heterosexual crossdressers.

2. You must be orientated by a member of the membership committee.

3. You must pay dues of $20 per year.

  You will be allowed to attend a meeting before you are required to join. so that you may determine if our group meets your needs.


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