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Section 1 The official name of this organization shall be the Alpha Zeta chapter of the Society for the Second Self, and may be referred to as Alpha Zeta.

Section 2  Alpha Zeta is formed according to the policies of the Society for the Second Self (also known as the Tri-Ess Sorority) and is a member chapter of that organization.



Section 1 To act as a non-sexual support group to all heterosexual crossdressers, single or married, and their significant others, assisting its members in developing, understanding, accepting and attaining confidence in the expression of the feminine side of their personalities, and to assist in the dissemination of information about crossdressing to the public in order to increase general awareness of this subject.

Section 2  To act as a center for educational and social information, and as a referral service for the crossdressing community.

Section 3  To enhance and fulfill the lives of the members through friendship, meetings and social activities.



Section 1 "Full membership" in Alpha Zeta Chapter of the Society for the Second Self shall be limited to those who are current members of the Tri-Ess Sorority. "Full members" are those, including their significant others, whose dues and assessments are fully paid as required herein to the Tri-Ess Sorority and the Alpha Zeta Chapter. Significant others are defined as the spouses or partners of "full members".

Section 2 The "Friend of Alpha Zeta" membership category is available for persons ineligible for "full membership" in Alpha Zeta and have a genuine interest in and sympathy for the vision and goals of Alpha Zeta. Dues and assessments for a "Friend of Alpha Zeta" shall be the same as the chapter dues and assessments for "full members."

Section 3  Only "full members" whose dues and assessments are fully paid or current may vote on an issue before the membership or hold elected office.  They shall be considered as and referred to as "members in good standing".

Section 4 All prospective members shall be screened by the membership committee prior to being invited to a meeting. This prospective member may then be invited to attend up to three chapter meetings before paying all dues required by this article.

Section 5  Any member whose conduct may be deemed generally unsuitable may be dropped from the membership.  This may be done by a two-thirds vote of the officers.  The member may appeal the vote of the officers to the membership. The ballot containing the "notice of appeal" must be mailed or emailed to all members, per Article V, Section 2. The member must get a favorable majority vote for retention of membership.

Section 6  The Membership Committee shall be chaired by the First Lady, and will include  the Second Lady, the Secretary/Treasurer, and others appointed as the need arises.



Section 1 The presiding officer of this chapter shall be designated as the First Lady. She shall be the chairperson of the membership committee. It shall be her responsibility to preside over all meetings, oversee all planning and activities of the chapter, appoint committees as necessary to conduct business of the chapter, and to act as the official representative of the chapter when networking with Tri-Ess.

Section 2  The second officer of the chapter shall be designated as the Second Lady. She shall be a member of the membership committee. It shall be her responsibility to arrange for meeting facilities for all general meetings, provide a meeting program, and to act as the presiding officer in the absence of the First lady.

Section 3  The third officer of the chapter shall be designated as the Secretary/Treasurer. She shall be a member of the membership committee. It shall be her responsibility to keep the minutes of all business meetings and the business portion of general meetings, keep adequate records of all income and expenditures of the chapter, and collect meeting fees and yearly dues.

Section 4 The decisions of all committees must carry by a minimum two thirds vote.



Section 1 Nomination for officers shall be opened at the November general meeting and closed at the December general meeting. Elections shall be by ballot, per Article V, Section 2 at the January general meeting, and must carry at least a majority vote of the members voting. The elected officers will take office on the date of the February general meeting and hold office for twelve months.

Section 2  Ballots for elections, to remove an officer, to retain a member removed by the membership committee, or to amend this Constitution and Bylaws must be mailed or emailed to all members and postmarked ten days prior to the meeting at which the election or vote is to be counted. Ballots for elections shall include provisions for write in candidates. Absentee ballots may be mailed or emailed to the Secretary/Treasurer in care of the chapter mailing address but must be received prior to the meeting at which they are counted in order to be included in the count.

Section 3 Any officer may be removed from office by two thirds vote of the membership by ballot.

Ballots containing the "notice of the vote for removal" must be mailed or emailed to all members per Article V, Section 2. A special election will be held within sixty days of the removal from office to fill the vacated position per Article V, Section 2.



Section 1 A specific time and date shall be set for the general meetings of the membership.  Meetings will be on the fourth Saturday of the month. Exceptions must be agreed upon by a majority of the members present and the membership will be notified at prior meetings and by internet media.

Section 2 Special meetings or party dates may be set by the presiding officer with the consent of the membership

Section 3  All members of Tri-Ess who are not members of the Alpha Zeta chapter are invited to attend meetings as guests.

Section 4  All officers shall attend all business and general meetings whenever possible. A meeting shall consist of:

 A)  A business meeting, including a summary of the previous regular meeting, a financial report, and other matters to come before the group.

 B)  An educational or informational program.

 C)  A period for socialization and entertainment.

Section 5  Any member attending any meeting or party whose conduct is deemed to be unsuitable by the presiding officer or the hostess, shall leave the meeting when requested, both quickly and quietly.  Failure to do so will mean automatic membership removal by the membership committee.

Section 6 Guests may attend any meeting if they have been approved to do so by the membership committee prior to the meeting. Conduct of guests will be the responsibility of the member bringing them.

Section 7  Only those votes cast in person by those present at the meeting may be counted on any issue before the membership except as otherwise provided herein.

Section 8 Dress for meetings may be from feminine to masculine, but shall be in good taste. Exceptions may be made for special occasions such as Halloween or "slumber" parties.

Section 9  Alcohol consumption will be permitted at the monthly meetings only with the hostess' approval and only after the business portion of the meeting. Excessive consumption will not be tolerated.



Section 1 The financial records shall be maintained at all times by the Secretary/Treasurer and shall be open for inspection, by any member, at any general meeting.

Section 2  A financial report, of all income and expenditures for the current year to date, shall be prepared by the Secretary/Treasurer and be available to the membership at the general meeting.

Section 3  Yearly and monthly meeting dues shall be set by the membership at the May meeting. Yearly chapter dues are payable at the beginning of the fiscal year, which begins on July 1st and ends the following June 30th, and shall be paid to the chapter Secretary/Treasurer. Tri-Ess dues are the responsibility of each individual member. Meeting dues are payable upon arrival at each general meeting. Members may be required to show a Tri-Ess membership card as proof of paid up membership in Tri-Ess.

Section 4  Special assessments may be set by the members present at any meeting by a favorable majority vote

Section 5 All business, for the Chapter, shall be on a cash or check basis only. Any member incurring indebtedness, in the name of our chapter, shall be responsible for the payment of that debt if it was not authorized. No purchases in excess of the current funds on hand in the treasury shall be made.

Section 6  The elected officers shall have the sole responsibility for the expenditure of all Chapter funds.



Section 1   This constitution and by-laws shall be submitted to the membership for their final approval.  It must be approved by a favorable majority vote of the membership, per Article V, Section 2.

Section 2  Amendments to this Constitution and By-Laws may be passed by a favorable vote of the membership, per article V, Section 2.

Section 3  A copy of this constitution and By-Laws shall be given to every new member. A copy shall be held by the Secretary/Treasurer at every meeting for reference.


approved April 28, 2012